Stalk Market Compostable Products

Made from 100% biodegradable, compostable sugar fiber, a by-product of the sugar refining process. A natural alternative to styrofoam and plastics. 100% tree and plastic free, made from sustainable resources. Biodegradable, recyclable and home compostable. Cups feature High-performance "plastic" look and feel without petro-chemicals.


Merchandise available only at Stark Street location.

Stalk Market Compostable Products


  Item Description Price
Compostable Cutlery Compostable Cutlery 24ct, either Fork, Knife or Spoon. Heat resistant to 185 degrees. $ 3.25
Compostable Cutlery 50ct; Fork, Knife or Spoon; Heat resistant to 185 degrees. $ 6.50
11.5 oz Paper Bowl 11.5 oz Paper Bowl 25ct $ 4.95
9 9" Stalk Market Paper Plates 25ct, Microwaveable & freezer safe, oil & cut resistant. $ 5.95
7 7" Stalk Market Paper Plates 35ct, Microwaveable & freezer safe, oil & cut resistant. $ 5.50
9oz Jaya Cold Cup 9oz Jaya Cold Cup 50ct, for Cold use only. $ 6.95
12oz Jaya Cold Cup 12oz Jaya Cold Cup 50ct $ 7.50
16oz Jaya Cold Cup 16oz Jaya Cold Cup 50ct $ 8.95