White China with Rim

The white china with rim is a classic collection that never disappoints. It can dress up any casual event or add a touch of class to an elegant wedding. All pieces are rented individually.


Typical/approximate plate sizes are Chop/Charger 12", Dinner 10", Luncheon 9", Salad 7", B&B 6". Not all sizes are available in all patterns.

White China with Rim


  Item Description Price
Plate Plate Dinner, luncheon, salad, and b&b each piece. $ 0.50
Chop/Charger Plate Chop/Charger Plate Can also be used as a family style serving platter. $1.75
Soup Plate Soup Plate 9.25" $ 0.50
Cup/Saucer Cup/Saucer 8oz Cup, 5" Saucer, each piece $ 0.50